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No one likes to wait to pick up his or her highly anticipated brand new car. However, for some people, getting a vehicle as quickly as possible is not just about the excitement of a brand new car: to some it’s actually a requirement. Well, its the festive season and you are thinking of all travel arrangements and all the disruptions on the public transport. This might be the best time to buy a car or at least a new start come the new year.

This is particularly the case for certain people who are starting a new job that now requires them to commute by car. In the event, for instance, that you have handed in your notice with your current employer and start your new role in a month’s time, you do not have the time to wait around. There is no time to speak to sales managers, account managers and loan managers. There is certainly no time to count away the days while the dealership’s people sign the necessary paperwork.

One of the speediest ways you can get a brand new car is actually by choosing online car finance. There are a range of benefits to selecting this method of car shopping that make it a vast improvement on going through the unnecessarily lengthy process of acquiring a new car from a dealership. It is the ideal solution for drivers who need a new car within just days or weeks.

The main reason the process is a lot quicker when you purchase through online car finance is because it can be done digitally. There is no need to drive to your nearest dealership to be shown around by a salesperson, which in itself is a lengthy process. Online, you can browse a digital showroom of vehicles on offer with car finance from the comfort of your own home and even check car finance. You will not be confused, overwhelmed and require time to think about which vehicle you would like as salespeople can often do. You can make a fast and, given the endless amount of resources online for researching each particular make of car, informed decision in a few hours at most.

As for vehicle checks, the benefit of shopping via online car finance through a service like Accept Car Finance is that these have already been performed. The vehicles are effectively ready to go having undergone MOTs and a full 101-point inspection to guarantee that everything is in top-notch condition before it leaves the showroom.

Once you have picked the car you like, it is as straightforward as figuring out how much you are willing to pay, what your ideal repayment period is and making an application. These applications for car finance are dealt with in less than 24 hours with Accept Car Finance so you can usually have a decision made on the same day. This ensures that, whether you are a new driver itching to get your first vehicle or an experienced driver with an urgent need for a new vehicle, the car buying process is rapid and efficient.

Accept car Finance can arrange upto 7 years car finance deals for Nearly new cars in stock today. Apply Now and you could have your new car in as little as 24 hours once finance has been approved.

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Merry Christmas and a happy 2018.