Are you searching for the best Leicester car finance available? Accept Car Finance have a dedicated team of experts waiting to help you with your enquiry. Car finance is available for drivers across Leicester through Accept Car Finance. Offering a more manageable and fair way for people to purchase a car, car finance is an attractive option for everyone – particularly students, benefits claimants and the self employed.

What makes car finance different?

Normally, if you wish to buy a car, you need to save up enough money. Then, you purchase the vehicle in one lump sum transaction. This, however, can be very inconvenient for people. It often takes years to save up enough money for a car, which is particularly frustrating if you need one quickly to commute to work. Furthermore, the expensive cost of a car can leave many people in short-term debt.

Car finance solves these two major worries. With this process, you are given the car straight away and pay it off over time. Therefore, if you choose to buy a car on finance in Leicester, you don’t have to wait to save up. Furthermore, it is better for financial management. With monthly repayments, you can pay for the car in small instalments rather than one sizeable chunk.

How long does an application take to process?

When you make an application for car finance in Leicester, a member of our team will be on hand to review it on the very same day. This means that you can expect a response within 24 hours at the most. Once the application is processed, you can then begin to browse for your new vehicle.

What cars are available on finance?

The range of cars available on finance is no different than anywhere else. From luxury sports cars to family vehicles and everything in between, you will have a wide selection to choose from. We have hundreds of cars in stock to accommodate a range of styles, prices and sizes.

Who is eligible for car finance in Leicester?

You don’t need anything special to apply for car finance in Leicester. All that is required is a full driving licence, a healthy credit rating, proof of identity, etc. Essentially, if you have the means to drive and you are not considered a credit risk to a lender, there is nothing, in particular, that should prevent you from acquiring car finance.