Are you searching for the best London car finance available? Accept Car Finance have a dedicated team of experts waiting to help you with your enquiry. Whether you want to avoid the bustling public transport system or get away from the city of a weekend, having a car can be very useful for Londoners. However, the British capital is one of the most expensive cities in the UK when it comes to buying a car.  Therefore, you may wish to instead explore the option of car finance in London.

Why should I use car finance in London?

Car finance is the preferred method for purchasing a car. Today, more than 75% of people are buying their new car via finance. It has quickly gone from an alternative way of paying for your vehicle to the most popular method.

It is fast, simple and allows you to manage your money better by paying off a vehicle in small monthly instalments. Instead of one big lump sum, you pay for the car in bite-size chunks over a period of time agreed upon by you and your lender. In the meantime, you get to own the car as you normally would.

Applications for car finance in London can be made online. Our team will review every application on the same day that we receive it. We aim to have accepted every application we receive within 24 hours through our huge list of lenders.

Am I eligible to apply for car finance?

Most people in London will be eligible for car finance. First of all, you just have to be over the age of 18 and in ownership of a full driving licence. After that, all you need is a healthy credit score to demonstrate that you are not a risk to the lender. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in full employment; many people who are freelancers, unemployed or claim benefits are also eligible for car finance in London. There will simply be different repayment plans to accommodate for your circumstances.

This is one of the myriad reasons why car finance is such an appealing option for Londoners: we can tailor the financial plan so that people of all situations and backgrounds can be approved for car finance. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of having their own car. Therefore, our team will review every application we receive equally.