Drivers should have a careful eye when they buy a used car. You need to know as much as you can about the car’s performance before making a purchase. After all, parts of the car will inevitably wear out over time. You should be aware of what these are. By doing so, you can repair them early to avoid expensive maintenance costs if they malfunction in the future.

Accept Car Finance performs multiple checks (101 quality point inspection) on every used cars to identify areas that could be problematic so drivers select from only the best second hand cars. However, it is always worth doing your own tests in order to guarantee that a vehicle matches your understandably high standards. One of the things you should look out for in particular is a modified pollution exhaust filter. Removing these has been quite common in recent years. If drivers purchase a second hand vehicle without one, they could unknowingly face a £1000 fee.

Removing pollution exhaust filters is not illegal. It is, in fact, quite a simple procedure that only costs a few hundred pounds. Drivers sometimes do this for cosmetic reasons. However, pollution exhaust filters serve a very important purpose. They filter a lot of harmful particles expelled by the car. When inhaled in high doses, these particles may cause lung cancer, heart diseases or bring about a stroke. The World Health Organisation has been a main supporter of these filters since they suggested that toxic emissions produced by diesel cars are contributing to almost 40,000 premature deaths annually. All cars produced since 2009 have been required to contain the filter.

According to a recent report, almost 2000 second-hand cars around the United Kingdom have been caught without a pollution exhaust filter since 2014. This has caused hundreds of drivers to pay out up to £1000 for their car to be urgently repaired. Before buying a used car on finance, it is essential that a buyer researches where to find this on the car and investigates whether it has not been removed. It should also be one of the questions you ask during the buying process. After all, one of the reasons why many people favour car finance is because it is more cost-effective than buying a car outright. It defeats the point if you then have to make a costly repair.

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