Have an EU Licence and want to apply for finance?
We can help!

People from Europe with an EU licence are eligible to apply for car credit.

If you are a European citizen and have been in the UK for a minimum of 2 years and you are currently on electoral roll we can place you with the correct lender instead of being declined at the main dealers.

We have a number of lenders who accept people with EU driving licences. As long as you have not missed any payments on mobiles or credit cards we can help get you approved for the car you want. If you have a part exchange and/or deposit, bank account and a permanent contract of employment we can get you an approval. We might ask you for bank statements or wage slips to prove you income.

Until you have made the final payment the car doesn’t belong to you. You have to keep up the repayments or you will risk losing your car.


Information on Provisional Driving Licence car finance visit this page.