No Deposit Car Finance

Here at Accept car finance we have one of the highest acceptance rates in the industry, which enables us to help more customers purchase a car on finance. No-deposit finance can enable you to get a new or used car without having to make any payments in advance – apart from a standard reservation fee. So if you’ve been holding back from changing your car because you don’t have the funds for a deposit right now, or a car to part exchange, that’s not a problem with us.

Which cars are available for no deposit finance?

So, whether you’ve fallen for a BMW, Audi, Vauxhall, Ford, Land Rover, you’ve got your heart set on a Mercedes-Benz or you’ve simply taken a shine to any car brand you will find it affordable at Accept Car Finance. We’re able to offer market-leading rates and deals, including no deposit car finance options as we have a great relationship with a panel of specialist lenders. Our finance rates will provide you with a great big smile on your face. For example, you’ll typically receive your car and won’t have anything to pay for almost 6 months before repayments start; this is an offer exclusive to Accept Car Finance.


How Does No-deposit car finance work?

No-deposit finance does involve higher monthly payments than an arrangement where you have to pay a deposit, and you will need to meet our lender’s criteria.
Successful applicants will have nothing to pay for a few months based on the agreement with the finance company and this will allow you to save and be in a strong position to meet your monthly payments.
Since most lenders look at your affordability you’ll also need to have a strong credit score, as lenders often reserve no-deposit finance for customers with a strong rating, however, every application is considered individually and we have a 95% Approval rate for (zero) 0 deposit car finance .


Buy a car now and pay later option:

One of our USPs is, buy now and pay later (which can be up to 6 months) on no deposit car finance. Since most people in UK are able to support themselves they find it
easy to get good no deposit car finance deals and as mentioned above we have seen a 95% approval rate.
Our cars offer excellent value and as a result if you find your dream car from our stock we can easily process it for you same day. All cars that are in stock (used cars and nearly-new vehicles) are ready for delivery and are eligible for this type of arrangement.


What are the requirements for No-deposit car finance?

– Must be over 18 years
– Should be able to pass the affordability test to show you can keep up with the repayments
– Should have the basic application documents (proof of address, drivers licence, financial document etc)

We know that buying a car on finance is probably the second biggest purchase that many of us will ever commit to after buying a house. We can get customers approved with NO deposit so please do give us a go, fill in a 2 minute application form and we will be in touch shortly.

Are you in the buying cycle now? If so, please make an application and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible hopefully with great news so that you can start choosing your dream car.