Buying a car on finance is very different to buying a car with a regular payment. The most important difference is that you don’t pay in one lump sum; the cost is offset by several monthly installments. However, despite their differences, there is one thing that remains constant when you are buying a vehicle: drivers should be researching various car finance options in order to secure the most affordable deal for them.

There are many variables you will encounter when purchasing a vehicle on finance that could ensure a better deal; you will be able to determine the size of the deposit, the amount you are paying in monthly installments and what the final overall price will be. Before making your mind up on a car, you should find out from your car finance lender how you could cut the price of these. Perhaps by selecting a slightly different model of vehicle, you could reduce the amount you are spending every month, for instance. Meanwhile, providing a higher deposit could reduce the total overall cost at the end of the car finance deal.

Research released at the beginning of 2018 suggests that only one in every four drivers who use car finance make the most of this. The majority of people who purchased a vehicle on finance did not realise that there are ways you can adjust the package to ensure it is more cost-effective. Drivers should research plenty of different models ahead of making a decision to see what savings can be made. They should also discuss amending the deposit with the lender as this could decrease the monthly payments and the final cost of the car. It may result in the car buying process taking a little longer than usual—one of the things that make car finance such an attractive alternative. However, it will be worth it to guarantee an improved deal.

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