winter ready car finance

Driving can be perilous during the winter months. The coldest time of the year, winter often brings about treacherous conditions on the roads with snowfall, ice and wet leaves increasing the risk of skidding. Many cars are built with features that ensure you are able to drive safely during the winter months. These can be purchased with car finance. However, for drivers who have bought a car without these features, it is highly recommended that you prepare your vehicle for the winter cold snap. You never know when you might encounter a heavy snowfall, for example, that leaves you trapped on the road. Neither do you know if an overnight rainfall will freeze creating pockets of black ice that could send your car out of control.

When you purchase a used car on finance, you should ensure that all of the essentials are in perfect working condition. At Accept Car Finance, we employ a 101-point quality inspection before a car exits the showroom so that you can be confident in its ability. If not, you find yourself at risk of buying a car that has, for instance, malfunctioning lights. Especially at this time of year, you want to be sure that there are no problems with your car’s lights. The dark mornings and evenings mean that you will be using them more. Furthermore, it might be the only way for other drivers to see you during rain showers, hailstorms or snowfall.

Drivers should also ensure their tires are up to scratch in the wintertime so they are unaffected by wet or icy roads. Legally, tires should have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. However, at this time of year, having a tread closer to 3mm is highly recommended. This will help with your vehicle’s traction and grip. Checking the tread depth on your tires is incredible straightforward; you just need to use a tread depth gauge. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase winter tires to prepare for the cold months.

Lastly, every driver can benefit from having a winter survival kit in the boot of the car. Hopefully, this is something you will never have to use. However, if you find yourself, for example, unable to drive home from work because of torrential snowfall or ice-covered windows, a winter kit could come in very handy. Consider keeping a box in your car that is filled with items like a foldable spade, torch and ice scraper. You may even wish to complete it with warm gloves and a hi-visibility jacket in the unlikely event that you find yourself seriously stuck.

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